Sorry this isn’t PC but…

Hey readers or viewers,

So this blog is about money and saving. I know it isn’t politically correct but… my new motto is to live like an immigrant. So you’re wondering where I’m going with this. I don’t mean any disrespect to immigrants. Imitation is actually a form of praise. I do not believe that immigrants should be the scapegoats of our country.

Have you ever seen how first-generation immigrants live? Many come from other countries poor and uneducated. They utilized our education system, public assistance, work multiple jobs, and learn English. In a short amount of time they become homeowners without debt,  are college educated, and live in good neighborhoods. They fulfill the American dream. I think Americans who were born in this country are jealous of the these accomplishments.

I wanted to research this topic on YouTube. However, the only videos I could find about immigrants were negative. There was few exceptions about finances and immigrants in Canada. However searches on savings, succeeding, financial freedom, and immigrants resulted hateful videos.

I have a very lucrative career. It is taken many years for me to feel the economic downfall. The main reason I feel it now, is because I’m in graduate school and have reduced my work hours. My income has decreased; my bills have increased. I am literally pinching pennies, cutting coupons, and trying to sell on eBay. (please visit: or

My frugal living has shown me that I have been living wastefully. It’s really no one persons fault. This country has been in prosperity for a couple of decades now. People are living on impulse and have even been financially rewarded for doing so. No one sews, no one cleans houses, no one takes in laundry, no one sells dinners anymore. There are no more teenage babysitters. It’s like no one has the gumption to make money without punching in a timecard. Those task can make money but also save money. Instead of you sewing and repairing clothes, we buy new ones.  Instead of cooking we ordered takeout.

We used to blame this on the younger generation. However the younger generation has raised at least two generations with this new mindset. The young generation is now the old generation. We are spending more money then we are making with no clue how to save or make extra (legal) funds.  People who offer simple commons sense advice are dubbed financial geniuses and charge large amounts for consulting.

What do this have to do with immigrants?  I ran into an old neighbor of mine in the market today.  Her family of six moved from the city to the suburbs about five years ago.  She, her husband, and one child immigrated from Africa.  (Sorry don’t remember the country)  Since then she had four more children, went to nursing school,and learned to drive.  They moved onto our block many years after us.  They brought the house, paid of the mortgage in about 10 years, sold it and moved to a large home for the six of them and brought the grandmother over.  We were still living in the city when they left.

The family was/is very nice and kind.  They family is very smart.  The husband & the wife went to nursing school.  They purchased fixer upper cars with cash.  They hardly went on vacation, they regularly sent money home.  The kids went to public school.  They lived the American dream in their lifetime.  They didn’t have to wait for the next generation.They are who I want to be.

I went to the goodwill outlet store this weekend.  (I’ll blog about it I promise)  At the outlet you purchase items by the weight.  I can buy 20 lbs of clothes for like 27.80. I said pounds.  Most outfits are a couple of ounces.  You can rack up the sayings here.  They sell everything from digital cameras to furniture. (I want this $7.99 sofa)  So who did I see there.  Immigrants with carts filled sky-high, paying $100 for $3000 worth of items.

It made me think were is my money going?  I graduated college over 5 years ago and have a lucrative career. Where is my house?  I have so many material items it spills out of two rooms.  My debt is a joke.  Will anyone like me any less for wearing goodwill clothes?  No.

I decided to live like an immigrant.  I have been living like a millionaire for way to long.  I won’t buy everything second hand.  But I’ll think long & hard about purchases and research before buying.  My sending back home money will be my savings.  I want to build an emergency fund.  No more take out.  I will buy produce at my neighborhood Asian market.  (much cheaper)  The deciding factor for purchasing at a store will be the customer population.  If I see many women for Haiti, African, or Asia  I’ll buy.  That might not be PC but… I’m learning how to have the American dream from immigrants.



4 Replies to “Sorry this isn’t PC but…”

  1. Suzie Orman would kiss you. I on some level I agree with you, as a nation we need to be more frugal and save. On the other hand, I refuse to work myself to death (the Amercian in me of course) I have a certain standard of living that is minimal and while I can do with less but I don’t want to (yet again the American in me) now I am willing to to go to school to put myself in a better position. And through that I can better afford all of the things I want.
    Also you forgot to mention the ability of foreigners to stick together to build their wealth collectively. Most Americans tend to separate themselves as sign of adulthood. Most immigrants live collectively and pool their resources to achieve these goals. As Americans, and especially the black community, we do not trust each other enough to allow someone to hold our fianances. And in American culture individuality is rewarded and expected.

    1. So true. I think there needs to be a balance of hard work & moderate spending. Yes get the education & the job but shopping wisely will decrease the debt on those student loans & mortgages. I have a friend fighting foreclosure procedures that makes good money.

      1. Wise spending is a hard concept when u r used to living at a certain lifestyle, I agree with no eating out but do u think u could give up ur cell phone or downgrade to a very basic version? What about Internet or gym fees that we pay just to say we r members ( I am cutting that one) or even cable? In the technology age we have a lot of expenses that r not mandatory but we feel we need them. As women our hair costs a lot ( mine is about $110/mo if a go where I am supposed to). And when u get into the complex world of weaves it can get completely out of hand. If I were to start trimming fat I would look into these places (except the Internet)

  2. When you have no money your options are limited. When I decreased my hours I went from a $56 to a $12 a month gym memmbership. I decreased my cell phone bill & cut any unused recovering monthy charges. My hair yes can be expensive. I’m too busy and don’t need the added stress of hair care. Right now I’m in braids sometimes; I’m in a wig. I’m versatile without spending a boat load of money. I can wash my own hair I just can’t syle it the way I want it. (I also find some stylist can’t either) Why pay them money be dissatified spend money & and have to revsit the salon because it fell or its nappy way to soon?

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