How I stay fat

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I am doing very well on my plan to stay fat.  Yes you read this correctly STAY FAT. You ask why would anyone want to stay fat?  IDK but, I must want to because I always gravitate back to this plan. So here are some on the key points in this plan to follow if you want to stay fat too.

1. Stop exercising. My DVD’s & equipment now collect dust.

2. Decrease water in take.  I am generally thirsty because I don’t remember to take water with me when I go out.  Then I’m to cheap to buy water because I have a case at home.

3. Eat high carb, fatty, & fried foods.  I have stopped going to produce junction, & buying large quantities of grapefruit. (The quality went down.) I don’t get my fruit & veggies in.

4. Make choices while tired.  Instead of planning my meals & exercise I “wing it” .  This usually leads to poor food choices and little exercise.  I often stay up late hoping to fit in exercise but I never do.  This often leaves me tired the next day picking bad but easy foods that continue to drain my energy.  The cycle continues.

5. Apathy.  I don’t get concerned because I only gain in small amounts or stay the same.  If I gained 20 lbs in one sitting I’d be on a treadmill faster than you can say…Where is the closest gym?

I hope you got the point that this is a joke.  More like a wake up call to myself.  I have lost 25 lbs however I am slowly gaining the weight back.  I needed to shake myself & remind myself how to get back into the game.

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2 Replies to “How I stay fat”

  1. Yep, that is exactly how I feel sometimes.

    Chin up, get right back on whatever program you were on and start making good decisions! You can do it, you did it once. 🙂

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