Where I’ve been

Sorry guys its been a long time!! How have you been!?  I miss sharing my thoughts with the world!!  The seasons have changed since I’ve last spoke to ya.

What have I been up too? Where have I been you ask?

Well first off my computer crashed.  It was acting funky.  I think it was affected by malware from all my web surfing and downloads.  I was doing a lot while trying to start a online business and get a graduate informatics degree.   I knew a repair would be expensive and time consuming. I use the little juice I had to complete the term’s school work.    Then when I finally had the money I got it fixed.  So right about time consuming!!  Then I worked like a mad woman.  Literally I worked all shifts and two locations.  My job opened another site the end of Sept.

Currently I am trying to restore my computer, upload my online store, and revise my resume.  I have been so busy I haven’t had time for a cold.    Well I tried to rest a little and wham!! Colds catching up to me! Its ok I made some ginger & cranberry tea.

So lets turn the tables on you!  What have you done in September and October?  Also share your Halloween plans!  What have you thought about the presidential debates?



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