Joel Osteen- say no to your feelings

Good morning everyone!! Let me share a little story with you. I wanted to buy these shoes from Just fab.  Now in the past I though the premise of signing of for a "shoe club" ever month was silly.  Now all of the sudden I wanted 3 pairs of shoes and a ring from Just …


Vitamix envy

I so want a Vitamix!  Yes that expensive blender that everyone raves about! QVC has a easy payment plan but there is a wait list.  I want to really eat better & get healthy this year.  Its on my gift registry.  Do you think this is crazy?  My other target blender died 😦

Spiritual warfare

This was a new topic for me. I never really prepared myself for defending myself for the enemy. Although the title is breaking  ungodly soul ties it talks about breaking unhealthy holds, defending & being offensive against the devil. I watched the sermon before going to work.  I came in at 3pm & found out …