I am going to start something new.  I don’t write in my blog as often as I should. However my Facebook post are really long sometimes.  So I write my longer that fb post but short blog post here.

So I realize that my natural tendencies may be perceived as non friendly.  I am a nice person.  But I stick to my self and don’t think about including others.  Been burnt to many times.  Some friendships I lost not I see another perspective to the precipitating event.  I see that I have to go out of my comfort zone and habits to make & keep friends.  It may seem silly but smiling, calling people, remembering birthdays, saying hello first.  Are things I struggle with that come naturally to others.  Shyness is a disease.

So what things did you do to overcome moments of shyness and make friend?.  Everyone has a shy moment.  Share even if it was something you overcame as a kid.

Guide to Maintaining Friendships

How to Break the Ice



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