Medical Concerns

So I haven’t been blogging in a long while.  Sorry for the  loyal followers who probably lost all hope of me returning. But I will do a better job of blogging.

Here’s my story

Just recently this summer I had a scary, sudden, medical emergency .

Lets a walk down memory lane:


I started getting  migraines.  I went for a person that had a handful in her life to 1 every day.  Last 8-10 hours.  I went to the doctor and was given naproxen.  My doctor was not available and I received a pregnant substitute never again.  The naproxen didn’t help so called my doctor back and she gave me ferocet -a migraine medication

By now I have had migraines for 3 weeks with 1.5 day of rest.  The migraine was so severe it kept me up for hours medicine did nothing.  At day break me and my mother went to the ER.

So here I feel silly because I am a registered nurse (and usually  self diagnose my self with the worst case scenario all the time).  I really just thought they were going to give me some pain medicine tell me to go see my primary. Then I would go back to work that afternoon.  However that was not the case.


I received pain medicine and the migraine was gone. But I felt dizzy and I was laying down.  They gave me some zofran ,nothing , still dizzy.  So they gave me a CAT (CT) scan. There they found a mass on my brain.  Then the attending said we can’t left you go home and they had to consult with neurology department of another hospital. Jefferson hospital of neurosciences.  At this point you would like I would be nervous, scared, upset.  I was just happy that I could finally rest.

Let me go back a bit. You know how hind sight is 20/20?   By the time I went to the ER in was the 17th of August.  I had these migraines since the first.  But I had more frequent headaches in July. And on my birthday July 23rd I vomited first thing that morning.  No I am not and was not pregnant.  I put it aside because I had out of town plans.

The next night my stomach was going crazy I spent the evening in the bathroom of a  nice restaurant.  All I ate was a Cesar salad.  I was so tired. I slept most of the trip.  But when people asked me how was your birthday.  I said great.  People don’t really want to hear your heartaches when they ask you how are you.  And I don’t like burdening people. So I guess I was sick for a lot longer then I realized.

By now the ER doctor got in touch with  Jefferson hospital and I was enroute there for further testing.  Still it didn’t register as serious.  Why?  i don’t know maybe it was shock.

Stay tune for ede_08-08-2015_egn_06_part20220stamp_t300

I promise to write to tomorrow I am setting a reminder right now





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