Medical Concerns Part II

Hi everyone I back like I promised

I am going to do my best at writing.  It is very helpful, creative way of expression.  I have been through so much, I can write a book. But I need the discipline to actually write like I said I would.  Anyone else have ideas stuck in their head, that they never act on?

I know your are back for part two. So I’ll get to the point.  This is a long story, think of it as a mini series.  I invite you on a 3 + month journey.  All aboard.

So I’m in the Jeff Stat ambulance, the Cadillac of ambulances, with great technology and staff.  They gave my pain medicine and apologized for the bumpy ride.


I am taken to Jefferson’s Emergency room which is in a separate building from the hospital.  I was supposed to be evaluated to determine the next step.  After sitting there for hours and seeing 2 residents (junior doctors)  they decide to admit me.  The resident just talk to me and look at the cat scan from the previous questions. I thought I was going to the ER for a MRI, but the said they would do it after I was admitted.

So I wasted 6 hours with no pain medicine or food or attending physician.  OK so since I was being admitted I needed another ambulance ride.  Yup I had to pay out of pocket for the hooptie of ambulances to take me around the corner.   (Ever see Soul Plane?) Here is the first example of how healthcare tries to make as much money off of you as possible. If that ride lasted longer then 5minute I was going to commit suicide or homicide it was bad. had to sign that I would pay before I got in. The efficient, perfectionist RN in me  knows I could have been a direct admit from 1 hospital to the next eliminating a pricey unnecessary ride.


So I get to my room about 8 pm.  I got oriented to my room  and introduced to my nurse and aide.  IV in place, pain medicine, even ear plugs, ready to hit the hay.  Let me tell you it is weird being on this side of the medical world.  I didn’t know I much I craved control until I lost it.  Doctors don’t come when they say they will. Staff on day shift say one thing, night-shift says another its unnerving.

What  made me feel the weirdest was calling for help when I needed to go to the bathroom.  So this is still my first night no test was done, I was not really sick or disabled but since I was on a Neurology floor I had full vitals every four hours, compression devices on my legs, and a bed alarm.

7eb6b373a9e9ebe21cabe0885a55c4c9<-sequential compression device prevent clots

Therefore someone was always in my room and I had to call them when I had to go potty.  I go to potty at lot especially at night its a curse.  My bladder must be the size of nickel. I felt bad calling someone to take a grown woman to the bathroom. And yes because I was on narcotics I was a “fall risk ” so they had to walk me.  I was anxious and embarrassed, I couldn’t even help them by taking off the leg devices beforehand, because everything had an alarm.  Want to swing that left leg of the bed, No way the alarm police will get you.


At midnight me and the aide were on our way down to MRI.  More fun to share next time…


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