So if you don’t know , or remember I am a nurse. In my previous articles (medical concerns, and medical concerns part II ) I have been describing recent medical crisis (August 2015).  There were so many signs; hindsight is 20/20; of a serious condition.  Although its not surprising that abnormally was found the results was shocking to me.

Side note laying still in MRI machine for 45 minutes isn’t so bad when your pain free and tired try completing it in pain

My physician spoke to my family that next evening about the results. So my MRI stated I had an  epidermoid cyst in my brain.  Mainly they are begnin or non cancerous. They are rare, congenital , and slow Growing.  Doctors believe that I was born with it (congenital) and that my sister doesn’t have to worry about it.

Now since I am in the medical field normally this would be right up my alley.  I would have so many questions want diagrams want to watch a video  n you tube. However after describing the low success rate and high death rate.  It kind out zoned out.  I was thinking of what will happen to my family when I die.

So it wasn’t until an appointment this month that I got to ask some questions that I know her explain before.  Like the size of my tumor: 1  size of a golf ball.   Why is my head shaved in two areas?  he answer in the next article.

My Symptoms

Headaches – severe and frequent

Dizziness – vertigo


Vomiting- with no cause



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