Happiness and Friendship

Happy Saturday!

I hope everyone is able to enjoy the day. I am going to take it easy today.  I have to remind my self to take easy and relax.  I have been feeling a little under the weather this week off and on.  I told myself I will rest this weekend.  You don’t understand,  all I get to do during the week is work, go home, and go to bed.  I really try to cram everything into the weekend.

This week I tried to debut 2 T-shirts for sell. A Father’s Day shirt and Nurse’s shirt .  I am trying to find multiple streams of income. Check it out. My goal is to have my own business one day.   Getting your dream from idea to reality is harder then one thinks. Especially since other  make it look easy.

Speaking of goals. I decided to ask God for his help in being happy and developing friendships.  Here is what brought me to this decision.  I am currently listening to A Course In Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever
by Marianne Williamson on tape. It is a great CD! You must read! I have to give a review on it.

Marianne mixes new wave touchy feely spiritualism with Religion.  She talks about bad thoughts, detoxification of you negativity and asking for God’s help.  She says if you think you can do this on your own you will fail.  You need to ask God for His help.  In fact, you should have a relationship with Him and seek Him in times of good and bad.

This got me thinking about how I do things.  You see I come up with a plan and execute.  I process and research the heck out of it. But lately my plans haven’t been so successful.  I thought I shouldn’t worry God about the small stuff. I also have bee miserable lately, frowning up more then usual and easy to anger.

I want to be happy.  So I decided to ask God how to I be happy.  I know some people feel that happiness depends on happenings and joy is an internal feeling.  I won’t argue semantics.  I want happiness that joy in the inside that shines on the outside.  I have so much to be thankful for.  My health, wealth, home and family.  I no longer want some one cutting me off on the express way make me forget all the blessings I have.

Maybe I need God’s help with road rage too. By now you may be saying where does friendship come in.  This Thursday was best friends day.  I haven’t had a best friend in years.  As I child, I always had one sometimes two.  Now I can’t think of anyone who I feel is like a sister to me that I would seek if I was in trouble, needed to talk or wanted to have fun with.  I have friends but I don’t have close relationships. Someone  posted “my best friend is Jesus yall  not loyal” on facebook.  You know I shared that on my page!

But this made me think.  I have lost friendships with people for many reasons.  But one thread in all of those diminished relationships was my indifference.  I have health issues as you may know. But for a long time, I just didn’t feel well or was tired without knowing why.  I think this developed a habit of not calling or visiting with people.  So many times I was too busy or didn’t have time to socialize.  But even if I did have time.  The habit was formed to not reach out to others.  After a while people stop reaching out to you.  The phone calls and invites stop. They smile when they see you, text you a hello here and there and even send you a message on social media.  But that true relationship you once had is gone. At least that has been the pattern I have with people.

This does not make the happiest of lives.  But if you distract yourself with food , tv, alcohol , or work you forget how painful it is.  Everyone has addictions and bad habits.  On my limited time here on earth I want to learn my purpose and achieve greatness.  I’m not sure if I know how to keep friends anymore. I am looking into the book craving connection.  I never read it but it looks promising. I said a lot to day.  I think I will say farewell for now. Have a nice weekend! Next time Father’s Day.  What are your father’s day plans?


3 Replies to “Happiness and Friendship”

  1. Happiness is a fight! You have to literally fight to be happy. I never realized that before because I always rode the waves of life letting the current take me where ever. I ended up the psych nurse textbook clinical definition of depression, in therapy and on meds. What I realized is that no one understood. The definition of tough seemed to be walking around miserable and pretending like you are not and it’s everyone ‘s fault. I was drowning and everyone around me was drowning but I was crazy for acknowledging that there is more to life than feeling like this. I had to change for myself because the people that thought should have been in my corner were not. My new goal in life is to spend time with those I want to surround me on my deathbed. While morbid, it helps to put things in perspective for me.

    Hang it there!!!!!!

      1. Just want to let you know you are never alone. None of us have this whole life thing figured out!

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